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Working with a wide range of B2B and B2C clients, creating comprehensive brands from conception to fruition.

“Doing for you, what I’ve done for others.”

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Integrated Design


A satellite and transmission company based in Surrey that provides global broadcasting services. I was contracted to revamp and develop Viewsat’s corporate identity, advertising and marketing. Designing print and digital media such as exhibition stands, web banners, emailers, powerpoint presentations and responsive website. http://www.viewsat.eu

Mission Care

A South East charity that provides nursing and residential home care. I was commissioned to develop Mission Cares identity and create a new sub-brand called Friends of Mission Care. Designing a new logo, dynamic microsite and advertising.


A Spanish based specialist building and engineering firm. I was contracted by Baupanel to project manage and design various branding, advertising and marketing media.

Palandri Wines

A Western Australian wine company with a UK base in West London. I was asked to develop the Palandri Estate brand and design a new Pinnacle identity that would co-exist with the original brands under the Palandri umbrella. Designing printed media such as advertising and packaging.


A telecommunication company based Luton that provides low cost mobile services. I was commissioned to develop Bibitel’s corporate identity through the creation of a new logo, sub-brand product logo, promotional media and advertising.

Your Doc Medical

A company based in West Sussex that provide business health screening & coaching packages and an online health Shop. I was contracted by Your Doc Medical to create and develop the marketing graphics to promote their corporate health screening services by way of an animated web banner, exhibition posters and pop-up roll banner.


A company based in Surrey that provides coaching and consultancy services to local businesses. I was contracted by Sorbus to develop their brand and design posters, advertising and associated exhibition media.


I was contracted to develop Lotus’s brand and design posters, advertising and associated exhibition media.


A company based in London that provide farming loans and financing. I was commissioned to develop and restyle AgriBank’s brand guidelines, designing posters, invitations, adverts, powerpoint presentations and exhibition stands to promote their financial services.


A charity based in Kent that supports people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs. I was contracted to develop MCCH’s corporate identity, producing an annual newspaper and affiliated advertising.

Barclays ATP

I designed (under strict awareness of the corporate brand guidelines) a microsite, emailer and exhibition stand for the ATP tennis championships at the O2.


 Kings Ferry

A company based in Kent that provide private and commercial coach hire. I was contracted to develop Kings Ferrys branding and design a marketing campaign that would include graphics for an emailer, a web banner and social media platforms.

National Rail Enquiries

I was commissioned to create and develop advertising for National Rail Enquiries, to design posters and web banners that promoted their new App and web services.


A Sussex based electrical firm. I was contracted to project manage and design various branding media that includes; a new logo, slogan, stationery, signs and vehicle livery.


I was commissioned to interpret Porsche corporate brand guidelines and create a prestige digital marketing brochure.


I was commissioned to design and create a prestigious marketing brochure that highlighted McLaren’s range topping super cars.

Body Talk

A company based in Buckinghamshire that provide advanced communication skills, public speaking and presentation skills training services. I was commissioned to develop and design emailers, web banners and a microsite to promote the businesses public speaking tudorials.

Aston Martin

I was commissioned to interpret Aston Martin’s corporate brand guidelines and create a prestige digital marketing brochure.

 The healthcounter.com

A company based in Buckinghamshire that sell online, health and pharmaceutical products. I was contracted to develop and restyle The healthcounter.com in-line with their existing guidelines, designing posters, adverts and exhibition stands to promote their products and services.