Advertising Designs

National Rail Enquiries

I was commissioned to create and develop advertising for National Rail Enquiries, to design posters and web banners to promote their new App and web services.


I was commissioned to create and develop adverts, designed to attract new BSM franchisees.

AXA PPP Healthcare

I was contracted to develop AXA’s brand and design advertising and associated media.


A telecommunication company based Luton that provides low cost mobile services. I was commissioned to develop Bibitel’s corporate identity through the creation of a new logo, sub-brand product logo, promotional media and advertising.


I was contracted to develop Lotus’s brand and design advertising and associated exhibition media.


I was commissioned to create and develop advertising for Essensuals, to design advertising for publication, promotional postcards and pricecards.


A satellite and transmission company based in Surrey that provides global broadcasting services. I was contracted to revamp and develop Viewsat’s corporate identity, advertising and marketing.

Lloyds & Co

A land investment company based in Sussex that provides investment opportunities through land acquisition. I was commissioned to develop Lloyds & Co’s identity through the creation of printed direct mail, marketing literature and digital advertising.

Mission Care

I was commissioned to develop Mission Cares identity by creating a new sub-brand called Friends of Mission Care. This included the development of aspirational internal communications and linked advertising.



A Spanish based specialist building and engineering firm. I was contracted by Baupanel to enhance and develop their company’s corporate identity, advertising and marketing.


A charity based in Kent that supports people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs. I was contracted to develop MCCH’s corporate identity, creating advertising and marketing solutions.

Travel Counsellors

A franchised travel company based in the South East that provides one to one travel services. I was contracted by a travel counsellor to create a series of adverts.

Your Doc Medical

A company based in West Sussex that provide business health screening & coaching services. I was contracted by Your Doc Medical to create and develop the marketing graphics to promote their corporate health screening services by way of exhibition posters and advertising for publication.